Revenge of the Amarok

Thu, 08/22/2019 - 14:49 -- Cree

Driving down a dark icy road

For the five young wolf pups 

the car never slowed


The man saw and did not care

For the day was ending

And he had to be somewhere


The wolf came with a vengeance

For she had found her five young pups

And had come to collect the man’s penance 


The grieving mother knew

The man must share in her pain

Only in shared loss would her’s subdue


The she-wolf set her eyes

On the five young human children

And devised the plan for their demise


Child one made no sound

Missing his throat

In the morning he was found


Child two and three met a similar fate

In the backyard pool

Around their feet were weights 


Child four was in her room

Buried under the suffocating blankets 

Once comforting, now her tomb


Child five was carried away on her back

Declared as a pup of the wolf

The child was a part of her new pack


Running down a dark icy road

For a grieving father

The Amarok never slowed


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