It's true what they say

The eyes are the windows to the soul

But I decided to shut my eyes

So that you cannot see

The cracks on the windows

I don't want you to see me hurting


I was swimming in your ecstatic love

Now I'm drowning on it

You put me out

Like a lighting candle in a dark room

You read my mind like an open book

Now there's a bad chapter on my life

I wish there was just a single blank page

So that I would rewrite my story all over again

But no, that's bizarre right?

You took the wheel and drove me crazy

Now I think it was an accident

Right from the first day I met you


I was running with the wolves to get to you

Now there's a wolf howling inside my head

Maybe I'm a warewolf

Or maybe I must be aware of a wolf

I try to put on a brave face like that of a wolf

But i guess Im just the person behind the mask


I usually compose myself

Everytime I hear you sweet songs of lies

Just ringing in my head

Over and over again In a loop

Stealing my thunder

Wasn't something I could live under

You said sometimes fame was lame

Yet you stole my story and my glory

Now you will know that 

My revenge is best served cold

When I have a hot fiery rage

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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