A Reunion of Old Friends

I find it fitting that we finally reacquaint here at Armageddon, a site of sacred pain.

But here conflict and death are only tombs from which new life will soon birth

Our story was one strewn with all four, yet our loyalty etched its jagged mark into the world

But I also remember your bewildering deceit…. when did you go wrong my friend?

I committed to you, but would suffer alone – feeding off of the scraps we shared

But you never cared for my loyalty

For you I burned my mind and soul. Your promises, or demands rather, drove me – But your reward?


And I have waited patiently for this glorious reunion, for at last the slave becomes headsman

The yoke we shared now becomes your guillotine

Die now old friend; for if we are to live I must leave your body here at Megiddo. To Hell with you my beloved Lazarus

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