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Dear Mr. Almost Perfect
You're a dork, but that's one of the things I love about you.
Warm breath colliding with mine you never make me feel uncomfortable.
What I see as flaws in myself you wrap up and make beautiful

by adding a bow and creating a masterpiece I never knew existed.

You're broken.

Pieces of you crushed and stolen
 and I'm left with the rest but I love it just the same because I'm broken too.
Sometimes it takes something to break in order to create something new.
 You're smart.
Smart enough to compete and overpower my intellectual fears that try to rule
Because you don't let fear hold you back from what you want.
You are compassionate and caring.
You listen when I speak even if it's not worth the time it's airing.
You're powerful.
A creature who started out just little and wilted became a full-blooded prince with intelligence and royalty
Because sometimes if you want something you can't stay the same.
But that doesn't mean you have to change.
Just means you have to bloom into what you were meant to become all along and take up the role

of the person, you should be and not the one easiest to be.
Love is a strong word and I don't use it lightly.
We waited for a long time before deciding the precise moment it should be utilized to describe how we feel and I think it's right

even if the love doesn't remain the same
 it will still be love whether passionate or plain
Right in this moment.
We belong together.
Whether it lasts or doesn't or it changes from what it is right now.
Forever and always.
-The girl who thought she may never find love


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