Return to Me


Blind was my Faith that allowed me to see

Plugged were my ears, that I did hear his voice decree-

“Thou shalt tread the path of Straitness, for which the way is Narrow,

Now if you can remember, who’s right hand delivered thee from the Pharos?”

“Tell me whose power did split the Red Sea in two?

Was it the same hand that restored thee to Freedom & made your strength renewed?”


Indeed I do remember you! You are the “I AM” Lord our God!

It was you who guided Moses to use thy iron rod.

We were slaves to all of Egypt, oppressed and rarely fed

Until you spoke with dear old Moses, and turned their rivers red

We were led away from evil tyrants, into a land to start anew

Ten Commandments we were given, to teach us to live for You…


Now I lay my head in shame just to accompany my frown

For the Kings around the Earth are to have us all bow down

They sayeth unto us, “Neither shall you eat nor drink!”

Lest one receive the mark to be chained upon their link.


“Verily I say unto my child, I have never left your side nor forsaken thee

It was sinful disobedience that made you blind, deaf & unaware of me”

“I AM always with my children & doth hear your cries & pleas,

So return to me my child and keep my Commands with thee.”

“Remember you the Torah from the Testaments of Old

Walk in all my ways and your soul will be unsold.”

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Our world


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