This light is fading
These eyes are crying
This blood is flowing
These hands are shaking

My mind is wondering why
It's me that has to die
My heart is telling me
All I had to do was try

They pushed me away
Then brought down my day
They said it'd be ok
Then decided to betray

My mind is wondering how
I ever let my guard down
My heart is telling me
It's all over now

So shall I stay and fight
Or will I ditch my own right
So where is my flight
Or is this my own plight

My mind is wondering where
All the strength I bear has gone
My heart is telling me
It never left my soul

So now here I stand
The world against just one
With a heart of bitter sorrow
And a mind of raw emotion

Ready to fight
Ready to live
Ready to give life
To those who are lost

Now they've done it once so far
But never shall they succeed once more
They must break through my barricades
And knock me down, only to see me stand once more.


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