The Result of Love

Thu, 06/01/2017 - 13:25 -- BiancaB


United States

What I do not understand

What I do not comprehend

And what I do not recommend

Is the practice of love


Because what can love give you

Because who wants to be sad and blue

Because who knows if it's really true

The practice of love


There was a time when I did love

But my heart she did shove

My trust she stole while wearing a glove

And that is why for her I send no remorse


Do I miss the gold hair?

Do I miss the skin colored fair?

Do I miss the flawlessly skin, the only thing it seemed she gave a care?

Why of course


I stroked the hair of a goddess

I kissed the flesh of the beautiful mistress

I hugged the body and it removed my loneliness

But what did I get in return


No care

Just hate I was given to bare

Not treated fair

Was I when I tried to practice love


She will lie and say it was not so

She will argue that I treated her heart as tough bread dough

She will complain that it was I who squashed her mind like it a rock against a toe

All lies


Rapunzel never practiced love when it came to me

She tortured me black and blue

She ripped me into two

Rapunzel was her own witch


But her being so is partly my fault

I admit I played a part

I admit her removal from sanity, her depart

I am to blame


I never realized I only made her hair longer

I never realized I only made her looks better

I never realized I trapped Rapunzel in her tower


Because when I practiced love, I really practiced lust.  


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