Resting or Sleeping


Sleep is fleeting, Like an Unknown Journey

Yawning without purpose, Resting without meaning

A fine line we tiptoe, Though some would rather trudge

Along the tight rope of sleeping.

Movements are as such

Rolling and Cursing, Tossing and Turning

Dry mouth and Dreaming But sleep is still fleeting.

Or is it rest we seek

We believe sleep this should be Like a floating dream

An uncorked spring Of rest and peace

Tonight, Tonight, These I shall Seek. 

But sleep is still fleeting, Just hoping no dreaming

Rest is just out of reach, Until the time we don't need it.

The time may come swiftly, Whether it be now or later, 

When sleep is no longer Fleeting

Hoping is now believing, Rest is finally with us

No more sheep are we counting. No more channel surfing. 

For the sleep that has been fleeting, Has at last ceased

For this is the reason

We Rest. In. Peace.


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