Our life is like a river,

Bending and Twisting, but always flowing Forward

From the spring from whence we are born, we flow.


As we flow, we learn

As we flow, the run-off from our environment is added to us

It is not all we are, but it is a part of us, now and forever.

We learn from the land, we follow its curves, flow around its walls,

And at times breach our banks.


Yet we do not simply follow the paths of the land,

We change it, we carve it, and we impact the world,

Carrying with us the evidence of our deeds in our current

As we move ever onward.


All that we do has a purpose, an end.


It is the law of the world that all rivers eventually reach the sea,

For all of us to pool together, to share ourselves with the world,

Some lose their way, lost in deltas, but even they reach the sea.


It is also the law of the world that the waters of the seas become clouds,

Which float back over the lands to nourish new rivers,

To make our last change by quenching the world.


As we turn to vapor and lose our selves,

We rise to the sky, giving out pieces of ourselves to new rivers

As we float lazily and carefree above the world

And watching lives unfold.


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