Respectfully, Time




It’s the realization that typical childhood experiences weren’t apart of your memory

You played, you laughed, you swam, but you didn’t smile

It’s realizing that your truth is not everyone else’s and your parents refuse to understand

You cried, you thought, you attempted, but you failed


The instability made you anxious, along with restless nights

And the depression made you lonely

The smell of clean carpet snapped you back into reality

And the one you’d just left lays written on thin pages


Another house, another school, another block of new kids

Another year of roaming empty halls, carrying homework you’ll never do

Another teacher who could care less about your success

And another year of insults thrown haphazardly


It’s realizing that high school is nothing like Disney

You type, you write, you read, but you don’t learn

It’s the realization that teenagers are ridiculously loud at 7am

You listen, you watch, you speak, but they hear nothing


The tests made you weary, not to mention irritated

And the buses made you sick

The ringing of the bells jolted you awake

And the peace of mind you had remains under layers of your subconscious


Another semester, another summer, another year of struggle

Another concert, another event, another banquet

Oh but now, it’s Graduation Day

You did it, you made it, you succeed, but your success is short-lived


It’s realizing that you finished only to start again

You pay bills, you study more, you go to work, but you don’t relax

It’s the realization that this is life’s cycle, a chosen destiny for you

You sit down, you kick up your feet, you sleep, but you don’t find rest


How many degrees does it take to get to the top?

How much work does it take to earn a vacation?

How many jobs do I need to live comfortably?


Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving…

Days made to embody family...

But you’re not a kid anymore


You’re a young adult living in the 21st century

People don’t deal in human interactions

Double taps are more important than character

And 5 years experience is required after 20 years of schooling


Grow up?

Get a job?

Work until I’m 70?

“Thank you, but we respectfully decline.”


It’s realizing that a life without freedom, is not a life at all

You love, you forgive, you understand, but you don’t forget


Yet if nothing else is true, by God, drink your coffee while you can

and the rest will follow.


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