The Resistance


4603 waterford knoll dr apt 1811
United States
35° 5' 35.664" N, 80° 51' 0.3168" W

I guess they wanna see another brother die
To homicide
Live up to 25 
Wells that's a lie
Can I live to 18 
You rather me kill myself
Another black man gone, he had no care for health
Or did he have health care?
Shit probably not
Section 80 apartment, niggas scare the cops
Unless I take QuickTrip
And get stopped
Than get popped
Is 10 rounds enough to make me drop
Shit it prolly ain't
Stand above broken soul and let your pistol paint picture
Say I miss ya 
Moms I'm gonna be safe as I put my hoodie on
Arizona and skittles because
Im super gone 
I'm a threat in the eyes of the man who thinks I'm wrong 
One false move he cocks the 9 and brains is blown
You tryna raise hell
Until the flames get thrown
Don't touch the hot plate 
I told you that the burner on 
My nigga to each it's own
The one with no sin should be the one to cast the stone
Raise your hand if that is you 
If it is then I seem a bit confused
Because the only one I know is Christ the Jew 
And for those who never knew 
Pay attention
Cuz they failed to mention
You're digging your graves when digging them trenches 
On to the mission 
Cop ammunition
They doing it too
I'm not for a war 
I just want my rights to do what I do
Live in pursue 
A life of happiness 
But how can I do it when I'm trapped in this
Cold War dodging bullets dodging swine, communist 
Why you killing my people off what's the kind in this?
A bunch of hoes 
Scheming on those
Who won't impose
The same vision as you so I guess case is closed 
You put the crack in my city to make em overdose
I put the church in these words to catch the Holy Ghost
I'm not a saint but a Christian when you listen 
The devil is pumping up til peter piped the piston 
My disciples on the rise against the world we the resistance

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