The Reprehensible Route

Blinded by your misconception,

You're afraid, but still you walk

Aimlessly in a new direction,

Refusing to admit you're lost


Carelessly, you've embarked on this journey

With no destination (There's no destination)

Desperately, new pleasures you seek,

Lead by temptation (There's only frustration)


Turn away, before its too late

You've followed the crowd

And where has it brought you?

Viewing your life through selfish eyes

You've listened to 'instincts'

And what have they taught you?


There's a feeling of false reassurence

That you have when you swim with the current

There's a waterfall at the end,

Breathe deep and prepare to descend


The road that you travel's a gentle slope,

Without sudden turnings, without milestones

Once at the end, there is no hope

of ever returning


You've become what you said you would never be,

A victim of your own false reality

Your life is a hollow victory



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