Can you repeat you that one more time?

Can you conjure up the feelings

Can you make the words rhyme?

I know that you think you’re safe

But you need to see the signs

Can you say that last thing you said to me

Just one more time?


Can you listen as I talk

Or will you just say fine fine fine

Should I repeat that just for you one last time?

I think you need to take a break

From spilling forth your mind

Should I repeat that for you, baby

Just one more time


Do you want to talk my ear off

Or do you aim to change my mind

After all, you been sayin nothing of the kind

You been snappin and scratchin-

And boilin up with rage

I think you need to stop

And take some time to turn the page

I still see your damned look of prideful rage

You’re not quite there yet-

Just one more turn of the page


I don’t think you understand

We’re running out of time

After all, no one ever said that rushing is a crime

You need me to listen, yet you can’t seem to mind

No way am I repeating this to you

No, not even just one more time.


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