The "Renewed" Love

Years have passed and my heart still yearns, 

For a love, which is a love that hurts worse

I reach out to draw you in

But get hurt as I learn that you seek lonliness.


But rather than sitting all alone, 

I search for one who will let me love them to


but rather than love I find

I replaced lust with time. 

All fun games aside, 

I learned the hardest lesson in life:

"If you love someone let them go,

but in time you'll find

that love will return by your side".


The Gambler deals me my cards,

gifting me a Royal Flush, 

As he returned the day I thought I would die, 

Yet it is too late, I have not found that love I let 

go years before our time. 

That love has expired, my time has ended. 

The dealt hand tossed into the fire, incinerated.


The hard part was not letting go, 

But rather accepting it as it be, 

Your love will remain in the past

Will not be taken on repeat.

The times have changed, 

the story twisted, 

love was let go, lost, and shifted. 

The person found now was someone unknown,

someone who's story was left untold

As time was lost and never regifted, 

The person you thought you knew was dismissed,


and the love of your life was gone.


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