Once upon a time

I dreamed of butterbees in winter snow,

A harrowing adventure

Meant to age my mind and save my soul.


I dreamed and dreamed and dreamed

Until my vision greyed and greyed,

And suddenly a masterpiece, kaleidoscopic, blazed.


I saw a world so dusk and dawn that orchestras collided,

And where I wanted to submit, the ocean there subsided.


Left unto devices young, I crossed the raging shores

Dancing to the beat of a yellow-pink drum

I’d previously sworn to ignore.

And as I walked, I saw everything from black to white.

The buzzing in my head grew louder - 

Am I still alive?


Heavy bloody heavy steps sink under the water,

My heavy waking solace underneath the solar mantle.


I try to breathe, I try to speak:

Relax and just exhale.


Suddenly – I’ve just grown gills!

I haven’t lost my will.


Focus, darling, focus now.

Scream with hearty flail.

Explode the dark with colors – BAM!

The rainbow’s back again.


Darkness isn’t evil,

And darkness doesn’t fade.

I sing my dance and play my song

But Shadow-friend remains.


She reminds me to be lonely.

He tells me to be scared.

It sees me trembling late at night,

Gives me reason to care.


For glad is not enough

In a world so filled with hate.

So I take my drum and blazing skies

And blend the aging paint

With memory I seize it all

I flash the striking sword.

Shadows, colors, poison, fade

Friends forevermore.


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