Rendezvous with the Moon


Stone Bridge Complex
1400 N Grand Ave
United States
31° 21' 26.0136" N, 110° 55' 49.1592" W

Rendezvous with the Moon
My Moon.
Conquer me. Devour me. Rip me to shreds.
Come pour your radiance through my window,
Come crawl in my bed.
Come toy with my emotions,
Come play with my head.

I love the way you shine your silver light across my face,
Quickening my pulse to a dangerous rate.
Whisper me sweet nothings to make my body ache,
Sing me a midnight song to make my world quake.

My Moon.
Stay with me forever. I do not care for the day.
I want your beams to caress me all night as I lay.
Your light brings my heartbeat to my throat,
Making my words seem like a joke.

I would give anything to replace the sun with you
So this night affair could last longer, my Moon.
Please understand, I do not want another.
Answer me Goddess. I need you, my lover.

My Moon!
Why are you disappearing? 
I have confessed so much.
Mabey they were right,
I have said too much.

I understand if you do not love me the way I do you.
How can one possibly really love the Moon?
The daylight has stolen you away,
But I know you will be back tonight to play.

So, Goodnight my Moon.
I will see you soon.
I truly, unconditionally am a fool.


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