He stood there watching away
like he just don't care
listening to the radio and whistling
along into the cold air

she is pissed and in dispair
ripped off her gown into the air
walked directly to him
her eyes were furry as they glim.

he stuttered, magnificent !
never seen a flower so elegant
bright as the sun and poised
how much is your worth to be paid

she blinked bright eyes and said
like the sun is given to all
like the flow of a waterfall
I smile to both the rich and poor

amazed on how she gazed
he discerned her very thought
penned the date and very spot
cause life will never be the same

his name she spotted tatted on his arm
cheerfully, she called him Sam
nice tattoo on your arm
whilst utterly holding his palm

apparently, he got to say
your address could be my way
for there's no reason not to pay
a visit to you today.

Guide that inspired this poem: 


Didi black


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