Removing the Cloak of Fear and Doubt

Uncurling my fingers outstretch, in light of the future, in light of what can be.
They clench around something, pulling it closer, I peer to see what has been uncovered. 
With slightly widened eyes, I wince, confusion spreads over face, my lips begin to tremble.
Panic is my first instinct, we are taught to believe in only what we can see.
I swallow, closing my eyes, I hold the object close to my chest. 
I do not understand what I cannot see.
My hand begins to shake, I feel alone.
The feeling is too much to bare, I fear what I cannot see. 
Biting my lip, I warily open my eyes again, hoping by chance to see anything of comfort.
I catch a sight from the corner of my eye, whipping around, I turn to confront the figure.
Slipping out of my hands the object falls, with a silent scream, I lunge forward, my fingers brush past the edge of it, barely missing it.
I realize how I no longer care what the object is, just as long as I have it.
In agony I watch as it reaches the ground, I rip my gaze from the scene.
I shudder, awaiting the shatter.
One, two, three seconds fly by, and still not a sound.
In a moment of bravery I risk a look past my shoulder.
Gnawing on my bottom lip, I stare in disbelief.
By instinct my hand reaches out to greet the familiar shape.
My fingers curl around it and as I attempt to reclaim it, I am greeted by a strange chuckle.
With a yelp, I pull the object away, it is mine, I have claimed it.
Although the voice is light, I feel threatened, I freeze and my mind begins to run wild.
My thoughts are interrupted shortly as I feel a hand rest lightly upon my shoulder, it is reassuring, all my worries melt away as this feeling of relief washes over me. 
I do not need to carry this responsibility alone.
Slowly I push the object towards them, they do not try to take it away, but rather share in the hold I have upon it.
It is not a burden to either of us, we seek comfort in the knowledge of unity. 
The object between us allows us to grow closer, work for a common goal, share in an experience.
The realization of what can happen when fear is let go, is monumental.
The change is not found within anyone, except yourself.
It doesn't matter if it takes another person to help you realize this.
What's key is discovering what power you hold to make a difference.
The power is infinite, surging through your veins, and begging to be let out.
I myself have not quite grasped fully this ideal before, but now that I have realized what potential truly means, I wish to set out to tell everybody what they could be capable of.
To tell them that it really is alright to let go, or at the very least lean against someone willing to help.
It is alright to reveal weakness, as long as you do not let it hold you back.
It is alright to reveal your true self, it will set you free.
It is alright to reveal your fears, there are people out there, wanting to be there for you.
I should have told myself in the past, but alas I was too covered in inhabitation.
Now that the cloak of doubt has been lifted I am free, able to move forward toward the infinite possibilities of the future. 
Able to reach towards the light of the future without fear this time. 
Without anything holding me back.
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