Removing Absolutely Nothing

I take it all off.
No one sees anything different,
since my makeup is nonexistent.
It's all rubbish anyways,
does no one know what natural beauty is?
Natural beauty is being you at all times,
and not hiding behind a disguise
I have never known a more beautiful me
than the one I show every day.
If I took away
the filter
on my mouth
I would probably mix my Deutsch with English and swear words
It happens.
Sometimes I slip up,
and I am not so beautiful.
In fact I can be downright hideous sometimes,
you know all about that, right?
True ugliness is not being you,
true ugliness is hiding behind a disguise.
I have never known a me that I didn't dislike more
than the one that hid the truth.
If I took away
that ugly part
of me,
I wouldn't be showing the world who I really am
I am authentic.
Every word is genuine,
speaking for me.
Telling the world who I am,
do you know who I am?
I am Emma,
I don't wear a mask and my bright eyes shine.
Every day when people see me,
they see a girl with a love for God.
What if I hid behind the curtains,
refused to show my face,
covered my faith,
or never shone in this world filled with doubts?
I would have something to take off.


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