I remember,
Dancing in the living room, 
Singing off tune,
I remember
Playing in the dirt, 
rolling in the mud,
I remember,
Climbing trees, seeing the world from above,
racing barefoot through the grass.
I remember,
dressing up, 
getting into mom's make up,
I remember,
Laughter and smiles, 
sleepover and giggles,
I remember,
crisp morning air on sweet summer days,
crackling of a fire on chilly winter nights.
I remember,
 stories before bed, 
whispering goodnight.
I remember playing, laughing, dancing, singing, screaming, running, learning, and most of all, I remember love.
An endless love that reaches it's arms to me.
An open love that never once judges me. 
A powerful love that overcomes all pain, all fear. 
I remember two parents, both from unsavory pasts, come together to create love.
A love so strong, so sweet, that even while their princess is away, she feels it's touch in her heart. 
A love so endless and so bold that it carries on to her own children.
They created love. 
And they instilled in their daughter this wondrous creation so that no matter where she goes, or who she becomes, they would always be with her. 
And she would always remember,
She would always remember the beautiful love that her parents taught her. 
She would always remember love.


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