Your memory is within me,

And so it always will be.

I remember now that you're free,

From the pain of mortality.


In my mind I see your eyes,

As blue as the endless sky.

Angel's wings so pure and white,

Lift your soul to make it fly.


So high above the sky you soar,

Full of peace and to fear no more.

Death came and knocked on your door,

And left me lying on the floor.


You left this worlds all sudden and fast,

Already three weeks have passed.

Everybody shared memories from the past

And all the love on everybody you cast.


And there above the sky you'll wait,

For the good Lord to call my name.

You'll meet me at those golden gates,

And never again will you slip away.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

power words and msg

i know what its like to lose a love one/close person

keep their spirits alive by achieving your purpsoe in this world

keep writing and build creative ideas

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