Thu, 10/02/2014 - 13:25 -- yl15

Getting lost in the dusty pages,

sifting through distant memories.

A cup of hot chocolate in hand,

listening to the wind whistle outside.


Watching frost as it draws shapes,

tracing lines all over the windows

leaving them frost laced

delicatley beautiful.


 shadows dancing like beings,

thrown by the fire in the hearth.

As it flickers and burns,

a mind of its own within the firey depths.


The warmth of the flames seeping,

into bones and warm blankets.

Heavy eyes, rueful smiles

Broken and forgotten promises.


Distant dreams within grasp,

and whispered words.

All gone this cold winter night.

Just the snow sifting down.


And Winter lilting softly,

tapping on my door.

Peering into my frost laced windows,

kept at bay by the flames.


The tortishell cat purring softly,

the cadent beat of its heart.

Life pulsing under my fingertips,

soft fur and warm paws.


No worries tonight, no one here,

but my memories in dusty coners,

forgotten, yet surfacing,

for a breath every once in a while.


On winter nights, with the ice as a companion,

they come like forgotten friends.

Whispering of better times,

leaving me to remember...


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