Remember we are strong

2:30AM: I say to you, I cannot bare to continue feeling this unloved, this unworthy of love. You said to me, “remember we are strong” as if it was something I could forget, but I had. Remember we are strong because we have been shattered like glass and put the pieces back together ourselves nonetheless. Remember we are strong because when life told us to stop we kept pushing on. As if the alternative gave us any choice. Since when have we ever had the choice? Decisions were made long before we were given breath, long before blood ran through our veins, but who is left to pay the consequences? A tear begins to form in the corner of my eye, but I won’t let it fall. Not this time. Remember we are stronger than that. Weakness is not a word we can afford to taste on our tongues. The last time it grazed my lips they began to bleed like a broken heart. Remember to be stronger this time. We may never stop loving those poisons that burn us. We may never forget the feeling of their lips pressed to ours, but remember we are strong. Strong enough.

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