Remember the Times

Dear World,

Life is such a precious thing, and you would think that everyone would be doing their best to enjoy every moment of it... except they're not. In our society we have become so obsessed with technology and material things that we've forgotten the important things in life. Like exploring this great big world, or creating beautiful memories with family and the one's we love most. We've forgotten how to love, how to cherish one another, and most importantly we've forgotten how to treat each other. What happened to respect for one another? For understanding that no means no, and that women are just as capable as men, or that we are ALL human and have things that we need to work on. Our society is constantly making assumptions about someone without getting to know them, and kicking someone while they're down. I honestly just want to know what happened to people for them to treat each other like garbage. It is so rare to find someone who will look past your flaws an imperfections and look straight into your heart before judging you. I miss the days where you could be happy just being you, and never had to worry about what others thought. Then again, can we really say that there has ever been a time like this?  Even when we were brought into this world in our purest form there was someone somewhere judging someone or something. We live in this society where from smiling you're being judged, where every time a word leaves your lips it's immediately burned down by the dragons of this world. The ones who are so caught up in themselves and their materialistic world that they could care less about how you feel. I think its time that we all look in the mirror and realize the people we are becoming, because as new generations form we should teach them to love instead of hate, to value instead of take for granted, and to accept instead of deny. If we don't our world will keep moving into a further divided place and that's not a time I think any of us want to remember. 

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Our world


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