I urge you to open the window.

And let in the cool, fresh air:

damp and earthy.

Fill your nostrils.

Let it raise bumps on your forearms

and bring clarity to your thoughts.


I urge you to walk slower.

And notice the sky.

Is the sun shining?

Warming your skin and softening your muscles, 

fluid rays and warming light.

Let him illuminate your eyes.


I urge you to listen carefully.

To whoever is talking today.

Bees hum low in grass and clover,

pilots dressed in stripes, an expedition determined

for sweet success.

Woodpeckers crave attention.

Percussionists of the forest,

asking you to notice their art,

lyrics carved into textured trunks.

Trees carefully stroke their leaves together,

branches rosined with sap,

like crickets playing their violins.

Skilled musicians, providing delicate music.

Let them fill your ears.


I urge you to notice,

the delicate intricacies

of your home.

To remember the roots of your existence.

Stemmed first from cell, then plant, then mammal.

So long ago.

Walk into puddles barefoot,

And recall crawling onto shore.

The mud from whence we came,

now seeping between your toes.


I urge you to respect,

all that you explore.

And remember, that it is not all yours to destroy.

But to share, with the creatures of both the dry land and deep ocean,

With the keepers of the sky and those that spring from soil.


As you open your window,

And enjoy the light,

And surrender your ears to the orchestra,


I urge you to remember,

that the world is not infinite.

And cannot stand to go unnoticed.


I urge you to imagine,

A home without fresh air,

And soothing sun,

And music.

Lost in a disarray,

Of smog

And darkness

And suffocating silence.



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