Do you remember?

All of the those good ol’ times,

Times of our imagination,

When it could take us anywhere.

Do you remember those Falls?

The oh so colorful autumn,

When we would make houses,

Out of the fallen leaves,

Oh where those houses could lead.

Remember the Halloweens

You a princess, me a cat, my dad a dog,

A tricker-treating we would go,

Up and down the streets of Home,

It was unbelievable how much candy there would be.

Do you remember the Winters?

With a chill you could feel deep in your bones,

After a long day of playing in the cold,

Oh we made dogs, angels of all sorts out of snow,

How warm the fire and hot cocoa were.

Remember that time,

When our dads took us for a jeep ride,

In a pretty snow-filled field,

And we got stuck there,

Oh what a walk back home that was.

Do you remember the Springs?

When all was new,

We would play house and spy,

The golf cart our car and the swing our plane,

Think of all those rocks we used.

Remember the pears,

Always swarmed with wasps and bees,

You told me to shoot with my water gun,

Those pears and cherries were so sweet,

We would play under the trees just eating away.

Do you remember the Summers?

So hot that we’d cool off in the pond,

We would pretend to be mermaids,

Then later at home all dried off,

We’d play with our baby dolls and run a bakery.

Remember the mac n’ cheese,

That was our gourmet,

For lunch and dinner after a day of play,

In the evening we would have a bonfire,

Outside with the cicadas and our families.

Here we are in Fall again,

A new adventure on the horizon,

But with the help of a couple of things,

We will remember how our lives began,

So here is this poem, me as a friend, and a rock-from home.
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