Do you remember how we met, the memories fading quickly?

Do you recall how our days used to fly so high?

Do you happen to know the time we spent with each other?

Or have you let the pictures be burned and cast aside?


Just like the sunset, another comes and you forget.


Do you remember the way we would cry so hard our eyes hurt?

Do you recall how we'd whisper well into the night?

Without caring about the coming dawn,

Talking more as the shadows grew long,

Do you know you're the reason my smile shined so bright?

But the mind, like us, is a mess

And sometimes we forget.


Will you remember the way we promise to hold these days close?

Will you recall every second that we swear to not let go?

Will you know the person I become, and what has changed?

Will you follow the paths with me and how they're rearranged?


But our hopes, like ourselves, are imperfect.

And sometimes we forget. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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