Sat, 10/15/2016 - 00:08 -- js.jase

The Sun intrudes into my bedroom,

Her rays glare into my face,

With brutal light, its intensity hard to take

I was sleepless and down, my body worn out,

Disgusted by the world's waking, the stirring sounds


I think there is a reason why sleep is so important

According to Dement, sleep debt accumulates

Our bodies are incredible but our abilities are not limitless

And it is because of school, social, silly stress that I am a grumpy mess

Tasks pile, worry weeds root deep, and from behind the cafe counter a smile still seeps

Operating my lips though neglecting my eyes  

Just because it pays to be polite

But if we were all to be truthful

To lie would show the same sight

However one might underestimate the power of a single night

Never mind procrastination, when I close my eyes tight

And go to sleep

It seems the world stops for me

My brain settles into a state of peace

I can breathe with ease

Another day that’s been complete

My energy is restored,

My worries pile away with the dust bunnies on the floor

in the empty corner of the room

When my body says no more,

My will to wake is a flower, budding to bloom whilst I sleep

I´ve spent all the the last hour dreaming


Away from the weight of the world

Apart from its displeasures on my fabricated feathered wings like a beautiful bird

Vivid colors and easy breath, shadows of obligations dissipate

It is because of sleep that I survive

Steady heartbeat, I lay it all down for a night,

Refreshed mind, remembrance of the state of feeling alright

Beyond the black and white serif text of the pages of a book,

My body feels the sleep working,

Feels truth of the words emphasising the healing nature of rest

The Sun shines a little kinder when the morning is welcome

The moon waits for its turn and the stars are patient,

I aspire to mold myself into their image

I can handle it, the world I am ready to face

The space in this place, the open atmosphere is gentle

With my cumbersome gait in my waking state

After a period of time that is solely mine

Where I can dabble in nothingness, disregarding time

Wake up to restart where I left off

With a clear head, from a cozy bed, I too rise like the sun,

Once the glowing stars dim

Empowered from the needed night flight  

I greet the day because of REM


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Our world


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