A reluctance to think for

Tue, 09/17/2013 - 19:38 -- iamjude

A reluctance to think for myself,
Need the reassurance to be myself.

Surrounded by medicore melodies and photographs, where's the real beauty?
I want to be in cities, witness conflicting ideas, be apart of that political culture and drink that political wine.
Stand up for those preached the wrong the things, spoke the wrong philosophies.
Little did they know, they were the angels.
Corrupt officials and contradicting actions, from Thomas Jefferson to Tom Horne.
Knowledge rejecting Latinos, Equality rejecting African Americans and their ability to be.
I'm sorry, Trayvon Martin, it seems it simply had to be.

The bell rings for class, Political Science 120.
It's time for a debate, but what shall it be?
Global warming, abortion?
The-simply-had-to-be-death of  the young Trayon Martin.
He asks for opinions, and my palms get sweaty.
Speak up, speak up...
But I am too reluctant.


Surround by her air and it's nothing but polluted.

(to be cont.)



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