Religiously Politically Accurate

Religiously Politically Accurate


Politics and morals

Don’t go hand in hand

Maybe this is the reason

That religion is banned.


“Religion’s not banned, it’s your right,”

Teachers claim.

So when public prayer isn’t allowed,

Who am I supposed to blame?


I thought teachers are role models

And tell us wrong from right.

But when I have questions about my beliefs

Why does the school system turn it into a fight?


The first amendment, it’s part of my rights.

“Freedom of Religion” is clearly stated.

When I can’t learn from my role models about Christian morals

It makes me confused, it makes me feel weighted.


Some students don’t have anybody there for them,

Some students don’t have anybody at home.

If we aren’t taught good morals and values,

Then are we really learning in the school zone?


I know I’m not supposed to talk about God

Or speak to you about Jesus and the cross.

But I don’t think silence is the way to win

Withholding my words is more of a loss.


In order to even mention God to my teacher

I know I have to first apologize.

Because in a society where we're religiously politically correct,

The first thing that they’ll do is to criticize.


Layla Garrett

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