Religion & Science

Mon, 07/25/2022 - 02:33 -- Cookay

It's a dance where no one touches each other

They acknowledge that each other exists

But they disagree on the beginning

who or what created us


This dance changes depending on the subject

Creation discussions are more fast paced

 is more of a waltz, slow and well-paced

It always ends with their backs turned


Never speaking to each other directly

It's always in third person

as if speaking to them would mean they agree

It seems like a battle for who's is right

Which always ends in a stand still


Science is all about the facts

Religion is all about faith

Never truly accepting the facts

As science doesn't believe in faith


Only if they could run hand in hand

Skipping through the field

Agreeing on everything

And crafting all the faith with facts 


Than their dance would be in unison

Less like two people dancing to different songs

They would fight less about the little things

There would be more time to just enjoy life



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