Meditate over my past in peace 

Memories flood me over I'm heavily medicated with grief

I release...

Realizing every step is but a puzzle piece

mistake a chance to be great

Forgiving my struggle and every moment I gave myself the least.

I Release...

Like the breath of air I just inhaled

feel a power that assures me not to be scared

Omnipresent it has always been there

Thoughts continue to talk

I Remind myself to be here

Look into the sky light reflecting clouds from my glass eyes

Release my doubts promise myself I'll no longer


No longer live a lie with these thoughts like a binder memories stuffed up in a binder stictched into my very fiber no longer a living reminder I let her die bomb the timer let her drown in the tears of a liquid dessert no energy left for the pain body here I won't let her.

I release ...

Resting easy with my mind at ease.

Release all the memories my soul is at peace.


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