Can you see it? No.

Can you hear it? No.

Can you feel it? No.

Well how about me?


Each answer always no, never a yes.

When will you see all the hatred, anger, stress, sorrow, and loneliness?

Why is it hard for you to understand?

When will you finally let me go?

When I am weak? Vulnerable? Willing? Older?

When will you finally see all of me?

When will I finally feel carefree?

When? Tell me.


Tell me.

Tell me when I can look forward and not backwards.

Tell me when I can finally be free from these bonds you have held me with.

Tell me when I can stand on my own two feet, taking a stand, and feeling independent.

Tell me that I do not have to anticiapte the same day repeating.

Tell me you finally understand me. That you can look straight into my eyes and say sorry.

Just tell me.


Can't you see all the pain?

Can't you hear my cries at night?

Can you feel all the emotions within me, wanting to be released?

Well I can.

All of it.

The depression, the anxiety, the wanting, and even the death.


I do not to hear anymore lies.

I do not need to see anymore mistakes.

I do not need to feel anymore emotions, you have started within me.

All I need is release.

All I need is the truth. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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