I write to feel free, life is bodange in it's essence

Trivial chores, stangnat relations, outside opionions

I want to be lost in my own thought, comtemplation leads me to a place where there are know laws to abide

I don't trust the authority, in my life that is, no one to turn to, so in my thoughts I take my chances

What if I grow, who will I be, A shell of my father, or a model of what success tends to be

I write to delve in these thoughts, of my future, of my past, manifesting them for me to see.

They becomes plausible, my thoughts and aspirations

I write to believe

I write to feel

I write to release all that makes me, and wait to see what I'll be become in anticipation



This is a very beautiful piece, and I am so happy you dove deeper into it. Though I know length is never a judgement on how well a poem is written, I think your poem expressed something more than if it had been shorter. I really enjoyed it, thank you so much for sending this in, WillStith.


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