Relationships end, yet I still am


United States
39° 32' 51.9252" N, 105° 0' 53.3952" W

Walking; Talking; Chatting; Clicking;
Crashing against the gray stone rocks
So fierce intense each step by step.
The ocean in the flicker of an eye.
Leading from up high down to the beach,
So narrow steep naive and dark,
And yet so pure like the fine sands,
which our feet, together, have still to touch.
Hold closer, closer, capture it all
Seashell treasures keep memories;
Waves of the night lost in the sea.
Deep true endless romances of the waters,
Are cherished lovingly on shore.
Graceful perfection, sea breeze air
Silent kisses, stars keep smiles.
Beneath the play shelter,
Hidden from all, nerves swim, adrenaline
But wait... the innocence of the moment gone.
Back to your corner we go,
So gentle intense like the deep mystery.
Hold close, closer, remember all,
Keep your mind clear and heart open
'cause each drop that fills that ocean
is a tear I've cried reaching out for you
Long lost and never returned,
Ready to swim.


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