I'm watching this trial
How abuse can turn out
I see the pain in the person's eyes
And the little laughs that come with telling the stories
And that laugh is because you can't imagine it happening to you and you telling the story
I felt it....
I could relate
Hiding the truth
Coming up with lies
Hoping people would believe them
Being to scared to reach out to anyone about what I was going through
To scared to leave the person ....
Everything I'm seeing and hearing from this person...
I can relate...
As I watch this with my mother I feel this weight on my chest
I feel tears forming in my eyes
I can't tell her I can relate ...
I can't tell her what I went through
I can't tell her how I lived for two almost three years
All she knows is I left the guy
The relationship just ended like that ...
It's all relatable...
The lies
The scars
The mental, emotional, and physical damage
How I had to creat a whole new person to hide the person I had become
I'm sorry you are and had to go though all this....


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