Rejection is Acceptance

Sat, 03/02/2019 - 21:57 -- mnoor1

Our world is full of complexity

that we face competitively.

One thing we dread

is the future in our head.


"Hush!" the powerful say,

wanting us gone far away.

Quietly we move on,

humming a new song.


Acceptance is what we yearn,

in a world that does care about our burns.

Rejection is what we fear,

hoping for a treatment that is all too dear.


The charity of rejection

is reflecting on our behavioral imperfections.

Accept these rejections as a gift,

move on to another drift.


"How is it a gift?!" people ask,

I respond with "It gives us the motivation to continue with our task."

It shows us the determination hidden beneath,

stop covering it with a sheath.


Face rejection,

It is a gift like none.

Accept the world as is,

Life is just a quiz.





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Our world


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