Iam a dark horse of the family!
A curse unbearable!
Unlike others, Iam differently treated;
The bitter truth!
In my daily struggles, grief
Feasting on me- who cares!
Rejection filling my lonely heart!
Streams of mysteries; striking my
Mind like a poacher’s arrow.
Consuming me up!
My enduring soul flooded with tears.
Iam too hurting; the chronicle pain
From my internal wounds, all my life!
Bleeding endlessly; clotting my blood
Under my skin, suffocating me to death!
My limbs too weak, no shoulder to lean to!
Everything reviling my nothingness;
Nothing to hope for, a life of despair!
All my days stained by sadists;
Blurring all my visions!
All I know; neither me nor God;
Hopes me for this!
One day; the storm will calm.
The sky will light.
The birds will sing songs of joy.
The butterflies will fly.
Pain will be gone.
Only scars will be left as priceless
Monuments as my soul will swim
In a pool of happiness!
Everything will be well with me
Rejection will be gone-gone forever
So is sorrow.
© Waiswa Jackson

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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