As I grew up, my favorite activity 

Was using my creativity

To write about stories of my life

With eventually created a strife


Between my older sister and me

She just wouldn't let me be

I might of wrote of a crush she had

On our neighbor, a boy named Chad


Dad got mad and threatened him

And threatened to tear him limb from limb

Mama tried to calm him down

Before he stormed through the whole town


But it was no use

He just blew a fuse

Screaming and yelling

Making me regret telling


I managed to make him see sense

But even after that he was pretty tense

And was even more protective 

Even though mama was very objective


I wish I had never wrote about her crush down

Then maybe my sister wouldn't walk around with an upset frown

Dad wouldn't of went overprotective and insane

And mama wouldn't of hit me with grandpa's old cane






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