The Refusal

The snap, the break, the shudder

Wide open eyes 

sound silence

A pindrop cling against the polished tiles

A rush of waves

of tides, getting vain

getting stern

I stop

I glance around

All is still silence

Why are you yelling? 

You say that we b*llshit around 

But in all honesty, tumbleweed rolls in the distance

A bird caws, my eyes droop

My acquaintances share my pain; the stiffness

As your voice sounds like a triumphant horn

Too early on a sunday morning

I hit snooze, and snooze 

But you sound, and sound

Actually more like, scorn and censure

Open you heart; keep a chip on your shoulder

We as a class are going an extra mile

to compel the hostile rivers that flow and flow

through the rim, the opening 

we refuse to drown in





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