When I was young HOPE was a big four letter word

But as time went on I believed a knife could ease the tensions of life 

or that rope could cope but those were just other words I heard

At that point I realized F-I-R-E, FIRE! Alone did not burn

 It was the words of my soul that yearned for someones concern

I was in a dark place, the light had just missed it 

I was in a fight, and as I tried and resisted everything within me insisted 

my mind went to war when it never enlisted 

When I'd fight inside a war raged on outside and I was rejected

I wasn't AWOL or hurt but still I defected, 

I had to leave my home but no favor to another 

I had to find a place safe from my so called "brothers"

If that's the case defected is the wrong word I was a refugee

you have to realize that there was no place for me 

Hell was no longer a place sinners went when they died

Hell became a forced reality for those who didn't have comfort when they cried

So "THANK YOU!" to those who weren't there because time passed and tears dried

Safe is now my four letter word, where those who are insecure and hurt are lured,

there's no longer a need to worry about realities blurs,

I don't have to be afraid of cynical eyes or be afraid of being despised

I don't have to be too strong and never cry

I am now safe, I only found safety because of where this life has placed me 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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