Refreshing New Start

As Summer walks out, Autumn walks in.

We feel a rush in our hearts

And look forward to begin.


We peel off our red sunburns

And lose our golden tans.

Colorful nails

Become shivering hands.


Loud laughter and lemonade

At beaches and parks

Melt into whispers and hot chocolate

Over movies in the dark.


Flirtation matures

From apparent to subtle

As piggyback rides

Turn into lingering cuddles.


Autumn’s hushed breezes and amber lights

Echo the twists and shouts

Made under Summer’s starry nights,

Illuminated by bonfires and fireflies.


Fiery sunsets

Fade to hues of soothing lavender and blue.

And just as the trees shed their leaves,

We too start anew.


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