How would you feel if what discomforts you the most was inside you?

Not only is it internal but it is around too.

You can not escape it

It is that voice inside your head saying, “You will not make it.”

If you hang around the wrong crowd

Then, the voice somehow speaks out loud

Then, out of the mouth of what looks like a “friend”

You hear the voice again

saying, “You will not make it”

My biggest fear is inside me

At night it lays side of me

During the day it sits beside me

And, when I feel like I’m progressing, it reminds me

Like a snake, it slithers around so I can not see it

My parents constantly imply to me that I do not want to be it

I tell myself do not overthink

I try to avoid my fear with sleep

But, as I close my eyes it visits me as a dream

Maybe... my fear is not a fear and it can be defeat.

You want to know my fear?

Lend me your ear…

To me it is major

He comes in many shapes and sizes but he’s better known as “failure”

Yes, I am scared to lose, collapse, and fail

But, if I am so afraid of losing, how can I prevail?

I try my hardest and do my best

But, then tell myself, “What if giving it my all does not lead to success?”

How could I think such mess?

I am bound to succeed after all these long nights and stress

I noticed when I “failed” it was not the end of the world

I noticed it was just a mind game that I am playing with myself

I realized the only thing that can stop me is me

I realized everybody is not your friend

They will pull you down so you will not succeed

Why doubt myself? Why get discouraged?

Those “failing” times are those I cherish

I overcame this fear because I simply faced it

Not letting it bring me down, I embraced it

In order to win I might have to lose a few times

Nevertheless, a few clouds never stopped my shine.

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” - Winston Churchill


© 2019 Kimbrya T. McCraney ®


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