Reflections from Inside

I still question what is my own reflection?


Looking into a steamed mirror

Staring not at my outward reflection

Looking toward myself to find.

To find, my reflections from inside.


I begin to wipe the mirror and stare.


A heart that pumps the blood I need.

Keeping my body alive.

An organ no bigger than a fist.

My life continues.


However, my heart is not just an organ.

It represents my love.

The love coursing in my veins.

My life has purpose. 


A mind that signals my needs.

Keeping my body moving.

An organ with no sense of pain.

My life continues.


However, my mind holds memories in its pores.

Filled with love’s unique passions.

A sponge that forged my identity.

My life has purpose.


I get dressed and walk outside my dorm.


I see peers walking in mimic clothing.

Vibrant colors lost in predetermined “uniqueness.”

Unique minds punished for not conforming.

Our lives continue.


Conformity controlling the progression of a generation

Lives not fulfilled to serve their own purpose.

The world searching for a spotless reflection.

There lives searching for a purpose.


Why do I have to question my own reflection? 


A piece of advice:

The sooner one stops looking for their reflection in a mirror or in others.

The sooner they can learn about their reflections from inside.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



Beautiful post, man.

I love it!

Jacob Sumpter

Thanks so much! I was worried about changing poetry styles. However, I felt it was neccesary for this piece. Thanks for reading!



This is great, I relate the feel.

Jacob Sumpter

Aww thanks so much! 


I love how in each stanza the tempo speeds up like an adrenaline burst and then the last line of each stanza brings it to a stop. It's a beautiful poem:)

Jacob Sumpter

That was one of the main elements I was trying to do! It replicates my thoughts racing and then finding a conclusion. Thanks for noticing!

Kait McSwagger

This is really beautiful. I love your use of words. Please keep writing.

Jacob Sumpter

Thanks so much! I really enjoy writing and I appreciate you taking the time to read it!

Jacob Sumpter

If you guys liked my newly released poem please take a look at my first poem A Friendship Reflected. This poem and my new one show my journey. I am not going to tell you how or which elements because that would ruin all fun, but they are connected! Thanks for reading and commenting! 

Ayasha Gordon


Jacob Sumpter

Thanks so much! It means a lot for you to read and comment on my writing!

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