I don't recognize my own reflection anymore.

That sad, broken girl in the mirror can't be me, can it?

How did this happen? 

How do I fix this?

That's it. No more selfies. 

No more selfies will I post,

From this day on.

No more finding the perfect filter

To hide the pores and blemishes.

No more touching-up my make-up just to go to the drugstore.

No more fake laughs, lashes, tans, and smiles.

No more designer clothes just for the name. 

No more hiding.

No more pulling my phone out to avoid conversations. 



From this moment on,

As I write these words,

I pledge to remain unfiltered, untamed, and unbound.

I will show the world who I am

And my reflection will be the girl I once knew so well. 

Whether they like me or not. 

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