Reflection of a Reject

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 18:11 -- Tobin

A story goes untold as life unfolds, trying to save a soul while mine is being sold, stormy nights in my soul this beauty gets old. Ongoing rejection is the water image of my reflection, so I deny purity but I pursue perfection, I define my direction, but I silence their selection, envious of their prior election, i immortalize my imperfection and antagonize their affection. With any i never imagined i could be, so i c-section my way out before detection. I run, i ran, i fly and fight any connection because of the complexity of my fear of  not being  good enough/ fear of loneliness/ fear of hurt/ fear of rejection complexion. See in the depths of my mind there's depression, in the depths of my soul there's oppression and in the recesses of my heart there's  recession. I leave my halo at home and keep my heart in a holster for protection. You lay your heart down first then I'll lay my down, peace without war is my objection. Take all your weapons of war out, lay it down let me see your collection. Your intentions, your motives, lies and truths under inspection. I fear you regardless of your perception and the power of your projection. For me no death before dishonor or defection. I stand alone to stay alive the stench of death is inside. But fight with me both my fears and my pride, dive in my rejection because only on the surface is my reflection.      


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