A Reflection on Me

Sat, 04/12/2014 - 00:20 -- athej

Sometimes I stop myself and do
what everyone find himself doing some time;
I take a look at the life I’m living
and at all the people around me
and listen.
Some words consistently rise above
the incessant ramble of our everyday chatter,
words that recount activities and adventures
words that explain hopes and futures
words that relate problems and predicaments.
Popular words include
homework (of course)
and me.
Me. Me. Me.
Words that recount
my activities and adventures,
my hopes and futures,
my problems and predicaments;
The whole world seems to be focused on that
abrupt two-letter word
that determines our action and understanding.


I cannot wish for everyone to just get along,
if we did life might be rather bland.
In this world we are forced to think for ourselves first
or risk being left behind the rest;
what a pleasure it would be
if we did not have to be so selfish
and instead turned our eyes to something beyond ourselves.
If we could all look to help others first
someone would always have our backs
like the way we have his or her back,
and we could open our eyes
beyond the narrow scope of our own lives
and introduce ourselves to
the intricate network of the people around us
and the delicate framework
of the natural world that supports us and welcomes us.
We have to learn that we are not the center of the universe,
but rather minuscule members of a grand community
with parts to play within an elaborate scheme,
and although each part is important,
its beauty comes from the way
it builds and advances the final picture.
Perhaps my favorite part
is that this is a manageable change
that everyone can incorporate into his or her own life.
All it takes is a small shift in our mindset
and if everyone could do their own part
we might start to see a change in our lives.
This dream is just talk until it comes to fruition;
there’s only one place where this can start
and that’s here,
with me.

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