Reflection: I Know You


I look into the mirror, a grim expression on my face.

For I know that she is staring back at me, just like she always does.

Such an honest expression, one that seems to look deep into my soul.

Seeing it bare, covered in scars and bruises from the years of my internal battle

How can someone know you so well?

How can they read you like a open book?


Her name is Reflection and she is the true me

She is the woman without the mask, the girl with the genuine smile

She is the one who bares it all for the world to see, not afraid of the ridicule or shame

When I am afraid so Reflection stands tall

She comforts me and holds me close, protecting me like a lioness

So majestic and powerful


Reflection, I know you

You are me and I am you

I will stand tall and proud

No more hiding behind the mask of protection

I shall bare it all

The ridicule and shame will not hurt me anymore

Because Reflection, I am you


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