Reflection of Change

I remember those times the things I did for the first time,

It was my Junior year when I first met Yvette,

Her personality was very outgoing and so were the people she hung around with, however I would be too serious because I was driven to be the best student, I felt that there was no way to make time for a social life because working hard was all I've ever known throughout my life,

Then one day me and Yvette did a project, as we started to work on a group magazine, I began to see things that we did creatively, I also began to see how we could relate by being different but it was difficult to see where we were gifted,

At this time I felt like I was in a transition period because I wanted to be a teen going out to the movies or meetuing someone else's family,

Yvette would change my life by letting me have fun for the first time,

It was so good just to smile and laugh just looking at clothes and shoes it was nice to go anywhere we wanted to,

Its moments like this that make me say "I can see life the same way",

Today I'm more outgoing then I ever thought I could be, I'm reaching out to more people who are not the same as who she is but can still equal the same happiness,

I'm more social with others talking about trends, movies, an music, all of this made it easier to establish relationships,

I remember the first time I met Yvette because that was a moment when I knew she could help find me again


This poem is about: 
My community


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