The Reflection and Perception of Being


People of different ages, genders, and identities stare into their reflections;
Eye to Eye.
Few are infallible; some are mediocre; and many are plain.

But as many scrutinize themselves from head to toe,
And toe to head.
They are sad, unsatisfied, and disgusted.

Why can't I... beautiful?
They chastise themselves and question God.

We only hear the detrimental silence of our conscience,
The silence that screams and screeches. 
It punctures a silver nail into our hearts.

The silence becomes a malignant companion,
Poisoning the mind.
Mutilating the heart.

The organ which is most often associated with the spiritual soul and mental mind.

The PHYSICAL thing that we commonly mistake as the connection to the ABSTRACT.

Why not the hands? nose? lips? ears? or...
the eyes?

Beauty is something perceived.
"Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder."

If it is perceived, it is felt.
If it is felt, its presence is rest assured.

And to believe is to know.

Beholder of the eye!
What you perceive
is what you will Feel,
and BE


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